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Name: Edouard Pierre Rocher
Likes: when his sis is not at home, Monty Python movies, t-shirts with slogans like “Isaac Newton rocks”
Dislikes: being tied to Guillaume xD, when everyone makes gay jokes about him, Aurelie´s styling tips
Favourite subject: Physics
Edouard is a more withdrawn guy but he can get very angry if something annoys him. He loves physics but he avoids the physics bookstore in his town since he met Fili and Kili there. Kili was also Edouard´s first kiss but Edouard says he didn´t wanted to do it and regrets it (this sounds stupid and you´re right, it is). Sometimes he´s not very happy with his girlfriend Aurelie Schnitzel because she doesn´t want him to see people like the twins or Guillaume. But he would never admit it that he thinks Aurelie is too possessive.

Name: Guillaume Fossoyeur
Likes: parties, watching movies with friends, dreaming about his “posterboy” (xD) Voo, purple
Dislikes: being took for a girl, his ex-girlfriend, when Fili takes his cigarettes, rainy days
Favourite subject: history
Guillaume´s mother kicked him out when he told her about his homosexuality. After this, the twins became sort of a family for him. He is often described as overprotective because he´s always worried about Fili and Kili. Oh, and he doesn´t show much resistance if friends try to drag him somewhere (although he´s always complaining about it)

Name: Kilian „Kili“ Dupont
Likes: Edouard, Monty Python movies, candlelight, Owen Pallett
Dislikes: when Aurelie is mean to him, when Fili and Guillaume argue, everything about action movies
Favourite subjects: everything science
The twins were sent to this little frenchspeaking town by their parents because they think it helps them grow up. Kili is the more sensible of the two. He is also known to be a hopeless romantic who is always dreaming of his prince. He would do everything for Edouard although he knows he won´t get him. Kili takes his dog Gugus practically everywhere.

Name: Filip „Fili“ Dupont
Likes: teasing others (especially Guillaume), smoking, piercings, tattoos, sex
Dislikes: people worrying about him, when people are blinded by love, french grammar
Favourite subject: physics, chemistry, biology
Fili is the more outgoing twin who is also often described as the more perverted one. He likes to take center stage and is easily offended by some things like not getting enough attention. Fili tends to be very self-destructive if something troubles him. He really likes piercings and tattoos but he´s very, very sniveling, so he doesn´t have the heart to get a tattoo.

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