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» Comics - Page 7 - May 21st, 2008, 7:20 am

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Author Comments:

Imaginary Friends, May 21st, 2008, 7:23 am

So, another page which doesn´t fit in this layout. I try to resize them but there still huge. Sorry!

Nothing much happens here except for a strange rustling. Could be the wind...
Or not...
I almost forgot to draw Gugus. He hasn´t changed at all. Still isn´t looking like a dog...

EDIT: I forgot to post this: http://www.smackjeeves.com/images/pb/6/6Np1KSmfIEGE9kHdX7tY2E.gif
It´s the first drawing I ever made of Voo (about a year ago)

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User Comments:

angichan, May 21st, 2008, 11:32 am

blech math ><
size probs? you adjust the dpi and the pixel size? ( ideally i guess you'd want 500-600 wide and 72dpi...i dunno if that'll help?)

Imaginary Friends, May 21st, 2008, 4:17 pm

yeah, but if try to make it that small it looks so weird. i have a huge file when i draw and making it smaller... i´ll see...
thanks for the tip... (=

akari_mizunashi, October 26th, 2008, 3:13 pm

I <3 Pythagoras, too. He ish ma luvah =3

And heavens, have they got some hairy legs. They're gay, right? Can't they take advantage of that fact and shave? (><)

Imaginary Friends, October 27th, 2008, 8:11 am

Personally I grew really tired of those girly boys that look like flat-chested girls. I just like a little touch of reality in the things I draw and after all, it´s a matter of personal taste (=

Crevette-san, October 31st, 2008, 11:08 am

You are actually the first person that I've seen on here to put hair on the guys' legs and for that, I give you a super high-five!! :D
You'reawesomelol <3

BananaMuffinPop, August 27th, 2009, 9:33 pm

Cause real men have hairy legs!

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